So here is my first personal life blog post.I’ve always modelled with some sort or extension or wig, that’s just how I felt comfortable. I knew it would ‘behave’ and stay in form after a bit of wind or water. It was just the easier option for me, and I was in a constant cycle of damaging my natural hair, not to mention I had previously done a hair show surprisingly with my natural hair, this literally had my scalp dropping off in huge flakes! A few months after me wearing a wig and really taking care of my hair underneath, I decided to take the natural root and go into a agency with no extensions and just my fro. First attempt, didn’t get signed I went with my pink wig, kinda went off track with the O’natural root. So my second attempt I ditched the wig and went with my hair in its widest form. Not like the tamed version below. Finally a new contract with Savalas models.